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Welcome to Proaxis Therapy

Over the last decade, Proaxis Therapy clinics have been providing world-class quality care and innovative physical therapy treatments to patients from all walks of life. We operate 18 clinics in South Carolina, 2 in Colorado and 4 in North Carolina, all supported by more than 30 certified specialists and four research scientists.

We are committed to getting you back to the life you love. We will help you envision the most positive outcome possible whether it’s to win the next Olympic Gold Medal or simply play with your grandchildren. We then employ innovative, research-based techniques to help you optimize strength, regain range of motion and achieve your goals, all in a positive and supportive environment.

The road to recovery can, at times, be frustrating and slow. Our highly-trained staff is here for you every step of the way to motivate and to celebrate. We strive to get you back to doing what you love to do and getting you back faster and stronger than anyone thought possible. We are driven by the passion to help you not just recover but conquer.

For your convenience, we have gathered key patient information, including what to expect, registration packets and sample exercises. We invite you to preview this information as you consider Proaxis as your physical therapy provider.

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