Hospital Partnerships

For hospitals and healthcare systems seeking to expand market share, increase physician alignment and enhance patient engagement, Proaxis delivers a profitable, transformative solution.

md360The Issue.
Almost every hospital is challenged to grow revenue and increase market share. But brick and mortar expansion isn’t always cost-effective or practical. Proaxis allows forward-thinking hospital executives a smart approach to securing potential market share while expanding their footprint into secondary and tertiary service areas at a minimal capital investment. Just as important, this strategy is enhancing the overall level of patient service, driving greater physician alignment and increasing brand equity.

The Solution.
Proaxis brings a completely different level of engagement to each medical community we serve. Working within the hospital partner’s continuum of care, Proaxis builds the pathways to address Healthcare Reform’s demand for integrated care delivery. Proaxis also delivers unmatched expertise in the operation and management of therapy clinics, as well as physician relations management. Where there is excellence and an enduring commitment to patient and physician satisfaction, there is great loyalty.

hospitalThe Big Picture.
Proaxis is no ordinary physical therapy company. We are a Hospital Company – demanding high standards in compliance and quality while bringing excitement to health care. We are a driving force, working with hospitals that have similar visions for growth opportunities.

To learn more about how the Proaxis partnership program can impact your hospital, please contact Emily Michael.

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