Don’t Just Recover. Conquer: Putting Our Promise into Action

kickIn the summer of 2011, Brendon Pearce was the sole survivor of a car accident. Brendon was riding home from a youth group activity with two friends and his cousin, when they were struck by a drunk driver. Brendon was in critical condition with significant internal injuries as well as a shattered femur and broken arm. After multiple reconstructive surgeries and skin grafts as well as a rod placed in his femur, he spent four months in physical therapy just to re-establish full range of motion. In late November 2011, he came to Proaxis Therapy with the goal or returning to playing soccer. Working to rebuild muscle, strength, coordination and neuromuscular control, he worked through difficulties related not just to his physical injuries but also his brain injuries.

In April 2012, Brendon was able to return to playing soccer and this fall decided that he would play football for his high school. He successfully kicked for Wake Forest-Rolesville High School and will return to playing club soccer at the Capital Area Soccer League this spring!